EB Split Bolder Neoliet Rotterdam Elementary Outdoor Sports

EB Split Bolder Neoliet Rotterdam Elementary Outdoor Sports



Curious about the Split climbing shoe from EB but you want to make sure you buy the right size? Take your chance now at Bolder Neoliet Rotterdam.
Bolder Neoliet Rotterdam and Elementary Outdoor Sports together present the EB Split. In order for you to have a physical look and feel before you buy, Elementary temporarily offers the EB Split climbing shoe via Bolder. You try the shoes on at Bolder, you pay online with a special €5 discount and you can start climbing immediately.

Split size climbing shoe
The French climbing shoe brand EB is the inventor of the climbing shoe. EB celebrates her 70th birthday this year. “Split” originates from split sizing: it is the only climbing shoe of which you can buy the left shoe and right shoe separately. The Split is a comfortable and technical climbing shoe. Sizing advice: one size smaller than your regular shoe size.

How does it work?
1. Try the shoes on at Bolder.
2. Go online to www.elementary-outdoor.nl.
3. Select the desired sizes from EB Split Left and EB Split Right and place both in the shopping basket.
4. Go to the shopping basket and apply the special discount as mentioned on the display in de gym.
5. Pay with Ideal, credit card or direct bank transfer.
6. Show the payment confirmation in your e-mail to a Bolder employee.
7. Take the shoes home directly or finally finish that project.

Read more about EB on our brand page and check de klimschoen in onze shop.