Elementary Outdoor Sports explores the world of climbing brands and brings manufacturer and climber closer together. So who are these brands?
In this section, we take a moment to introduce the makers who bring us all this neat gear that we offer in our shop. Every single one of these brands are companies founded by passionate climbers who, just like Elementary, want to do something for the climbing scene. With decades of experience in their pockets, they stand for quality and innovation.
The French brand EB is around since 1950 en has lain the foundation of the modern day climbing shoe.

In 1930, while climbing in Fontainbleau, Pierre Alian realises that climbing on sneakers works way better than climbing on mountaineering boots. Sneakers however, wear out faster so he reinforces the sides with rubber. In 1947, together with shoemaker Edmond Bourdonneau, he founds a company and together they make the first, specifically for rock climbing designed shoe. 1950 is the year when for the first time ever, a brand name appears on a climbing shoe: EB. Until today, EB specialises exclusively in the production of climbing shoes.

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The in 2002 established Mad Rock is the second enterprise from the Korean born Young Chu.

In the 70's, Young starts climbing at early age and at age 16 he starts making his own climbing equipment. In 1987 he founds Nelson Sports and starts designing mountaineering shoes and other extreme sports shoes. Amongst other brands, he designs shoes for Five Ten for years.

Mad Rock starts off as a company by and for climbers, focused on making technical innovative and affordable shoes. Years later, they still maintain those values. Mad Rock stands for quality, durability, value for money and most of all, enjoyment.

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The story of the Czechian Ocun begins when founder and climber Pavel Hendrych starts making climbing harnesses in 1988.

In 1992, Hendrych visits his climbing buddy Evgeni Ovchinnikov in the Siberian area Rock Pillars. Together with local climbers they start to design climbing shoes. In 1994 the brand Rock Pillars is born, followed four years later by Ocun. Ocun is responsible for several ground-breaking innovations such as the pre-shaped heel and the seamless heel in climbing shoes, the famous 2-in-1 crash pad and the patented 3-Force system that makes standing on tiny footholds a lot more stable.
Ocun’s mission is to live the ultimate climbing experience by perfecting the design of climbing gear.

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NIHIL, our own Dutch pride and glory, brings us climbing life style clothing since 2002.

NIHIL is the first Dutch climbing life style apparel brand. NIHIL was founded by climbers and all clothing is tested to the max for optimal comfort and fit. Quality for an honoust price, distinctive designs and produced sustainably in Europe.

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Ever since they purchased SCARPA in in 1956, the family Parisotto makes mountaineering footwear with passion.

SCARPA is founded in 1938 as a shoe makers' association with a mission to produce the highest quality footwear ever.
Luigi Parisotto works at SCARPA as a shoe maker since he is 13 years old and he runs his own shoe-manufacturing business along with his brothers. In 1956 he purchases SCARPA.

SCARPA is one of the first to recognize the needs of the rapidly developing mountaineering and climbing culture and starts to develop footwear tailored to those needs. From the 60's onwards, SCARPA has put many firsts to its name, like the first Gore-Tex boot.

The business is still being run by the Parisotto family and continues to produce the highest quality footwear for climbing, mountaineering, skiing, trekking, hiking and trailrunning.

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DiamHands are forever: Dutch skin care by and for climbers since 2019.

Rutger Ipenburg, founder and owner of DiamHands, discusses with a group of climbing buddies the misery of their worn-down hands during a relaxing evening in the boulder gym. What they all lack is a good product that heals your hands and absorbs quickly. The creative Rutger - an art academy graduate and garden designer - sets out to conduct research. What does your skin need to recover quickly? After a lot of trial and error, he develops DiamHands in his own kitchen. Rutger: "DiamHands is a lotion bar that smells good, absorbs quickly and works like a charm!"

Nowadays DiamHands finds its way towards many gyms both within the Netherlands and outside, as far as Antwerp. DiamHands is still being handmade in Utrecht, using natural ingredients only.

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E9, its art and creative style were born in 1998 from the dreams of a boy lost inside himself and the forests of Meschia, Italy.

That boy was Mauro Calibani, former boulder world champion and founder of E9. Mauro gets his creative energy and inspiration from the round and smooth shapes of the sand stone rock he climbs every day. Ever since its foundation, E9 is closely intertwined with climbing culture. E9 clothing, like art, expresses the freedom of climbing.

The entire production process - including the color design and painting of the fabrics - takes place locally within a few kilometers around the company. E9 uses solely organic materials like hemp and organic cotton. E9 products are breathable and offer freedom of movement.

E9 is 100% made in Italy, the country of fashion, and proud of it. "Made in Italy" means a selection of the best materials combined with Italian creativity and innovation to produce the most exclusive and unique clothing.

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